Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution

Best Vinyl Record Cleaners

Some of the best vinyl record cleaning fluids that I would recommend using are listed below.  All of these do great job at cleaning records and leaving nothing behind to compromise sound quality.  You really cannot go wrong with any of these solutions.

My favorite record cleaning fluid is Mobile Fidelity Super Record Wash 32 oz.   I have gone through an entire bottle of this in the past couple years and it works well.   No residue is left behind and it works great either on a wet record brush or when used with a record cleaning machine.

Mobile Fidelity One – Record Cleaning Solution 16 oz.   

This is another cleaning solution I would highly recommend.  I feel that this mobile fidelity product helps keep my vinyl in great condition.  I use this every time I pull a record out of storage.  I first zap the LP with my Milty, then run a carbon fiber brush over record surface.  I then either use a wet cleaning brush or I apply fluid to my records before using my KAB EV-1 Record Cleaning Machine.









Audio Technica AT634 Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid kit or Single Bottle

This fluid is the first kind I ever tried.  It is included in the AT 6012 Record Cleaning Kit and does a great job cleaning dusty/dirty vinyl records.  I used this when cleaning up records to sell on eBay from rummage sales or flea markets.  I recommend this as a first cleaning product to any new collector, or to anyone cleaning some really dustly LP’s. 






Discwasher D4+ Cleaning Kit with fluid, brush and storage bag

I have used this fluid on my Audio Technica record brush.  I like this fluid alomost as much as the Audio Technica.  I have found them to be equal in almost every way.  I do feel that the Audio Technica Record Cleaning Solution evaporates faster than the D4.  I prefer this because I tend to clean 10 LP’s or more at once so saving time when drying is helpful.





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