Old Vinyl Record Prices

Sgt. Pepper First Pressing on Capitol Records

Other than the original UK pressing this is the best sounding recording of this album I have ever heard.  I picked my copy up on eBay 7 years ago for about 69.00.

I recently bought an original UK pressing that was graded at VG++ but when play tested was really only VG at best.   It had lots of background noise and was not enjoyable to listen to at all… and It cost $250!!  The seller was understanding and accepted my return,  but to save the hassle and not have to spend $500 or more on a NM copy I finally decided on the new remastered version available on Amazon.

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Update:  just ordered the deluxe 2 lp version from Amazon.

I’ll post some photos and a comparison as soon as I listen to it!

It has the famous repeating run-off groove track just like the original first UK pressing and sounds much different from the stereo version.  Right Now it is only available through 3rd party sellers but well worth getting a hold of a copy.

I was given this rare Mono copy of Steppenwolf by a good family friend who’d been collecting since the mid sixties.  Currently on eBay there is only one copy for sale at $175.

I have not been able to find another newer mono pressing to compare it to for sound.  I LOVE this monophonic copy.  Punchier bass and raunchier vocals (especially on the track The Pusher)

I did find an amazing sounding 200 gram pressing from Analogue Productions on Amazon to compare it to that I highly recommend.  And it is reasonably priced!!

Like It says in the listing it has a super silent background which for me is a must when it comes to a quality pressing.   And to me is very close to the monophonic recording sound.

This Hot Rocks compilation reissue is dead quiet and not compressed at all.  Amazing sound versus the original recording in my opinion.   There is a clear vinyl version and a black vinyl version.   I opted for black and listen to it all the time.   Only Currently available third party on Amazon,  but definitely recommended by many collectors!

I will continue to add more pressing comparisons to this page so please check back soon and often 🙂

Please feel free to comment below,  and Happy Listening.