Sumiko Moonstone Review

The Sumiko Moonstone has done nothing but wow me from the time it arrived until now a full year later. I never figured a cartridge at this price point that arrives in a simple wooden box would be such a stunner when it comes to sound quality. But it is. Before I purchased the Moonstone

Audio-Technica AT617a Stylus Cleaner

I have been using the Onzow Zerodust for my stylus cleaning for quite a few years now. It has worked well for me, but when I saw another option out there it was a good chance for me to give it a shot. I honestly can recommend both these products equally. They both perform exactly

The Record Butler

The Record Butler…Because Clean Vinyl Sounds Better This little thing is awesome!  I have been using gloves to handle my records for a few years now, but this is a quick and easy way to pull your records out of their sleeves and get them spinning. Gloves are great if you are handling your LP’s

Digital Stylus Force Scale

I recently found an incredible scale to use when checking the tracking force on my turntable. I have used a few different digital scales throughout the years with varied results. I started using a scale like the one to the right a few years ago, but never really trusted that I was getting the correct

Old Vinyl Record Prices VS. Buying New Records

When I started collecting seriously back in 2008 I was able to pick up a lot of original pressings for a decent price.  Then a couple years later I noticed that some of the same albums I picked up for around $25 were now selling for significantly more money. This was great news for me as

The Best Audiophile Speakers For Under $800

Wharfdale Diamond Series 230 Loudspeakers  I originally tested these for 60 days and posted my results below in this post.  I have now been using these speakers for 5 months and they truly do perform better than I could’ve ever imagined for the price. I had been looking for higher quality Floor Speakers to upgrade

Cork Turntable Mat Vs. Leather Turntable Mat

CORK OR LEATHER Which Turntable Mat Upgrade Should You Choose? About 4 years ago I decided to upgrade my rubber turntable mat.  I looked on both Amazon and eBay to see what my options were.  I had seen cork mats in audio magazines, but I was not sure if the cost was worth it. After

Choosing a Budget Audiophile Turntable Cartridge

A good quality stylus is an important part of your system to keep your records in great shape.  There are a couple budget options I would recommend. SHURE M97XE MM PHONO CARTRIDGE I use and love the SHURE M97XE.  This $89 cartridge( On Amazon) is a great tracker with a rich warm tone.  With a

Turntable Stylus Brush Recommendations

My stylus cleaner of choice is the Onzow Zerodust, but there are a couple of stylus brushes that are a bit cheaper of an option that are worth mentioning. Whether you choose to use a turntable stylus brush or another method, keeping your stylus clean is a very important part of vinyl maintenence.  I tried

In The Groove Record Cleaner Review

The In The Groove Record Cleaning Roller is a handy tool to have in your record cleaning arsenal.  I purchased one of these in 2010 from Music Direct and had O.K. results the first couple months, but then had some issues with residue being left behind. The residue showed up after the third or fouth