Milty Zerostat tested and reviewed

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I have been using the Milty Zerostat Gun for about 1.5 years now and love it! Below is my update after the initial 30 day test period.

With a price tag of $99 dollars there is a lot of controversy within the vinyl community as to whether or not this is a useful product or just a gimmick.  Stay tuned and I will let you know if this is something worth investing in.  So far my MFSL sleeves do slide on and off of my LP’s much easier after treating with the Milty.


Milty Zerostat Testing Completed – Results Below

After testing the Zerostat I have come to the decision to keep it.  It does exactly what it claims.  I have had some garage sale and goodwill LP’s that were just incredibly charged with static causing years of pet hair to stick to it.  Nothing I would do with the carbon fiber brush or wet cleaning method seemed to do the trick.  I highly recommend this product to be used before the carbon fiber cleaning as those pesky hairs/dust will not cling to you records any longer.

What I do is prop my cell phone up against my turntable so the beam of light casts across the records surface.  You would be amazed at how much stuff becomes visible.  I then use the Milty in a triangular patern on the LP.  I slowly pull the trigger as to not cause the clicking noise that happens when pulled to fast.  Pull…123….release…123…repeat 3 times in triangural pattern at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.  Then after those 3 pulls repeat in center of LP and then point milty at floor and release.  After doing this and cleaning with a carbon fiber brush it was amazing how much of the hair and dust came off immediately.  After a second pass of the brush there was no longer anyting on the surface.

Milty Zerostat Pro’s

  1. Completely neutrailzed any static present
  2. Only 2 passes with carbon fiber brush needed vs. 3 or 4 without Milty
  3. The device will last for many years

Milty Zerostat Con’s

1.  The Price $99 is a lot for any cleaning gadget in my opinion (this one just happens to be worth it)


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