The Record Butler

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The Record Butler…Because Clean Vinyl Sounds Better

This little thing is awesome!  I have been using gloves to handle my records for a few years now, but this is a quick and easy way to pull your records out of their sleeves and get them spinning.

Gloves are great if you are handling your LP’s for an extended period of time.  I will continue to use them when I am cleaning my LP’s on a record cleaning machine, but The Record Butler is great for avoiding fingerprints without having to put on gloves every time you want to flip over the record.

I wouldn’t suggest using these to clean off the record surface like it says you can in the description on Amazon.   They tend to leave small traces of the fleece behind if you wipe the record surface with them.  I would recommend using an anti static brush for this purpose, and keeping your Record Butler surface clean.

The Record Butler comes in a package of two or four, and they are a great addition to any audiophile’s cleaning arsenal.  I have only been using these for a week, but so far so good.  I will add an update on how long they last as soon as they start to show any signs of wear and tear.

Click Here or on the image below to be taken to Amazon where you can pick up the Record Butler at a great price.  Thanks for looking and…Happy Listening!


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