Hello and welcome to cleanyourgrooves.com .  My goal here is to give some great reviews for budget vinyl record cleaning and storage products.  I also will be posting some reviews for some great budget audiophile finds.

These will range from headphones and audio stands, to small inexpensive system tweaks.  After I have tested them for at least 30 days I will post my review and let you know if I feel the item is a good value or not.

There are many places online to find info on the items I am posting here.  I am hoping that this site will be easy to find everything you need to make that final decision about what products are right for you.  I would also be happy to take any suggestions for products to test in the future.

I have also tried more items than are posted here.  These are what have worked best for me.  If you are wondering about something not on my site send me an email or leave a comment.  If I have used the product I will be happy to let you know about my experience with it.

I will work hard to provide detailed and helpful reviews so you can feel confident about quality and value before making the decision to purchase anything.  Click on any picture on this site and you will be taken to where it can be found online.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on a link in this post and are taken to Amazon I may earn a commission on that sale.

If you have any questions about vinyl record cleaning machines, vinyl record storage methods or any other vinyl record related products please feel free to send me an email at eric@cleanyourgrooves-262880.ingress-baronn.easywp.com

Thanks for visiting!  I hope this info will be of assistance when choosing your vinyl record cleaning, storage and budget audiophile products.


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  1. There must be a ton of money in vinyl these days – only the other day I was at my local Sainsburys and I noticed a rack of re-released classics on vinyl ( Bowie, Nirvana, Beatles…). It made me wonder what the situation is like with turntables these days – do many compainies still release them and are there budget options?

    1. Hey Chris thanks for your comment. There are definitely a ton of albums being reissued these days. Yes, there are budget turntable options available. There are turntables for as low as $99 but I would not recommend them as they can be bad for your vinyl. They tend to have very high tracking pressure and the ceramic cartridges that come with them degrade your records at an alarming rate.

      My youngest brother had an ION USB turntable($99 at Best Buy few years ago) and a couple LP’s I had given to him made their way back to me for a cleaning on my Record Cleaning Machine. I could not beleive how much damage had been done to them in only a 4 month period.

      They had gone from VG+ Condition to VG Condition. They sounded quite bad to be honest. I gave him a vintage TT and we have not had an issue since.

      I personally recommend a vintage player vs a budget turntable. They can be found on eBay for decent prices all the time. Sometimes you may need to change a belt if it is a belt driven table. You can almost always find a seller that has already done the restoration work for you too. You will just pay a little more for a restored turntable. I have a Pioneer PL 112-D That I love and only have about $250 dollars invested in it including the cartridge.

      I have heard LP’s on more expensive modern turntables with $300 cartridges that in my opinion do not sound as good as mine. There is just something about Vintage audio gear that sounds better. The sound is warmer vs modern tables.

      So… for a reasonable investment you could have a great sounding vintage turntable. Thanks again for the comment and I hope if you’re interested you do get into this great hobby. If you would like any more info on vintage turntables, gear or ways to clean and store your vinyl feel free to email me at eric@cleanyourgrooves-262880.ingress-baronn.easywp.com Happy Listening!

  2. Thanks for this great site. Finally something different and new in the world of websites. To many similarities, Your site is pretty cool especially since I still have alot of records myself and have been looking for the best way to clean them.

    I was hoping if you could explain to me the best way to clean real old 78 records I have in my Wurlitzer?


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Cees. I do not personally own any 78 rpm records, but I would be happy to look into the best way to clean them for you. I will post my findings in a couple days for you here on the site. Have a great day!


  3. Hi eric , i absolutely love your site ,i love the way it looks and i love what it is all about.
    Incidently before i forget , and i have never tried this myself by the way, someone told me once they cover their vinyl in vaseline before storing them a way it’s the best way to protect them is this true ?
    Anyway i grew up with vinyl i love it ! it’s great to see someone doing a site on it just the great picture on your webpage of the boxes of vinyl gave me goosebumps.
    I like the way your site looks,easy to navigate around , i think it is neat and well organised.I like the color aswell and your header looks brilliant!
    I can see you are passionate and put alot of work in so i really really hope you do well with this ,good luck and take care mate !

    1. Hi Clive, Thanks for the comment. I’m glad visitors to my site are enjoying the photos and layout.. I am very passionate about my collection and have spent years figuring out what in my opinion works best for taking care of it. As for the Vaseline on the records that is a good question. My gut reaction is that would not be the best idea. I believe that would just cause a buildup of the petroleum based jelly on your stylus and I can’t imagine that would be great for sound quality. I was toying with the idea of adding a don’t ever do this to your vinyl section on the site. I will see if the vaseline belongs in this catergory or if there is a benifit from this method. Thanks again for checking out my site. All the best to you!

  4. This page is simple and it is not cluttered with too much information. The content is good, and it contains good information regarding record cleaning products. An individual can find the information very quickly, because the website is user friendly. Keep up the great work. I look forward to checking back 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I am so glad you found the site to be user friendly. That was one of my major goals was to present the info in a way that would make decisions easier for people. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again soon.

  5. Hello my name is John. Awesome idea for a site! I like your sidebar menu at any time where are you can choose to go wherever you like, I like to say it’s easy to navigate and I don’t know how many people realize how many record collectors are still out there. You got a really good idea here. Keep up the awesome work and I will see you again 🙂

    1. John, Thanks for the comment and encouragement! There are definitely still a lot of vinyl collectors out there. With new vinyl pressings being released all the time younger record collectors are becoming more and more common as well. I have tried to make this a very accessable site that would have helped me save time and money when I was a budding collector. Thanks again, I will keep the great work. I hope to see you back in future.

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