Budget Audiophile Gear

Digital Stylus Force Scale

I recently found an incredible scale to use when checking the tracking force on my turntable. I have used a few different digital scales throughout the years with varied results. I started using a scale like the one to the right a few years ago, but never really trusted that I was getting the correct

The Best Audiophile Speakers For Under $800

Wharfdale Diamond Series 230 Loudspeakers  I originally tested these for 60 days and posted my results below in this post.  I have now been using these speakers for 5 months and they truly do perform better than I could’ve ever imagined for the price. I had been looking for higher quality Floor Speakers to upgrade

Cork Turntable Mat Vs. Leather Turntable Mat

CORK OR LEATHER Which Turntable Mat Upgrade Should You Choose? About 4 years ago I decided to upgrade my rubber turntable mat.  I looked on both Amazon and eBay to see what my options were.  I had seen cork mats in audio magazines, but I was not sure if the cost was worth it. After

Choosing a Budget Audiophile Turntable Cartridge

A good quality stylus is an important part of your system to keep your records in great shape.  There are a couple budget options I would recommend. SHURE M97XE MM PHONO CARTRIDGE I use and love the SHURE M97XE.  This $89 cartridge( On Amazon) is a great tracker with a rich warm tone.  With a

Best Audiophile Headphones under 200

Sennheiser HD 598 Audiophile Headphones Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Sennhesier HD 598 Review Headphones that you will love everything about are hard to find. All listeners have a personal preference as to what sounds best, and everyone plugs them into different devices.  So the listening experience greatly depends on your setup.   I will

Gloves For Handling Records

I have not always used gloves when handling my records.  But eventually I found myself wanting to guard against unwanted fingerprints on the leading edge of my LP’s.  Even if I washed my hands before handling them there always seemd to be a little oil that transfered.  Fingerprints are very hard to remove from records.  I had